Currently Reading

Currently, I’m reading:

And on my list to read shortly are:

To see a list of books I’ve read, click here.

Also, I keep a list of books I own that I have not read. To view that list, click here.


5 responses to “Currently Reading

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  2. You might like Shelfari, which catalogs all your reading, and you can meet others like yourself, plus find new books to read — like we need them. and I don’t work for the company.

    My reading blog:

    Came across yours while surfing tag “reading.”

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  4. Thanks Bryan! I’ve a couple of friends invite me to Shelfari, but I’m pretty happy with Media Man — — which I’ve been using for a few years now.

    To be perfectly honest, Media Man has tons of bugs and I don’t recommend it for everyone…I tend to be a very loyal (sometimes too loyal) customer; for example, I got my first palm pilot in 1998, and my first palm-based smartphone in 2003 — samsung sph-i500 — and when that finally died on me this year I didn’t even consider any non palm-based smartphones.

  5. That’s all right. I had never heard of Media Man before this. It’s whatever works for you…my wife’s the same way about loyalty. She’s stuck on Blogger and Hotmail, and won’t switch to Google or WordPress, because of that loyalty.

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