Books I've Read

I like to keep track of what I’ve read and when I’ve read it.

I find that this helps me to remember the books I’ve read. I must admit that some books are entirely forgettable and if I have not written down that I’ve read it, I won’t remember having read it.

So click below to find out what I’ve read in recent years:

And if you’re curious about the books I’ve read for book clubs, click here.

And to read my list of books to purchase (that I have read), click here.

Also, I’m trying out audio books and you can read what I’ve listened to here.


4 responses to “Books I've Read

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  4. wow! that’s a great thing to do. keeping track of books read…you are right, some books are simply forgettable.
    writing a book review, or extracting quotes are some ways i follow to keep a track. but that’s too demanding at times. i liked the time bit as well, nice way to trace any influences that may come over.

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