Past Lives, Future Lives by Bruce Goldberg

Past Lives, Future Lives by Bruce GoldbergLast Friday I read Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s classic book supporting reincarnation, Past Lives, Future Lives. Goldberg is a dentist who also has a hypnotherapy practice, specializing in simple age regressions (childhood, etc), past life regressions, and future life regressions.

Sounds a bit nutty, huh?

While I do believe in reincarnation and have an interest in learning about my past lives and how I have previously interacted with the people I know in this life, I’m not totally convinced about the truth of this book.

Still, it’s fun to read. And it contradicts the most common argument against reincarnation that I’ve heard — that reincarnation can’t possibly be real because people always claim to have been someone famous in a previous life (there isn’t one case of someone claiming to have been a famous / historical figure in a past life in this book).

And if you always wanted to hear yet another theory on how the pyramids of Egypt were built, look no further! (Human workers using special magic ropes brought by aliens and under supervision by aliens.) Also, there are a few predictions about the future — sometime before 2060 giant earthquakes will completely destroy New York City (renamed New City), Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Yup.

Anyway, here’s the table of contents in case you want to learn more…

Introduction xi
1 The Past Lives of a TV Talk Show Host  1
2 What Is Hypnosis?  12
3 What Is Karma? Historical Foundations and Popular Concepts  25
4 Documented Proof of Reincarnation  47
5 On a Clear Day You Can See Yesterday: Age Regression with Hypnosis  57
6 Didn’t We Meet in a Past Life?  70
7 Bob and the “Light People”  81
8 Hubert Meets Aliens in Ancient Egypt  88
9 The Baby That Was 200 Years Overdue  94
10 Hysterical Blindness and a Past Life in the London Slums  100
11 Odontiatrophobia and the Blacksmith  107
12 The 800-Year-Old Synchronicity  112
13 Anorexia Nervosa: Self-Punishment for Her Last Life  126
14 On a Clear Day You Can See Tomorrow: Future Life Progression with Hypnosis  133
15 The Future Lives of Our TV Personality  137
16 Time Travel via the Airwaves  150
17 Marsha: A Career Woman of the Future  158
18 From Soothsayer to Keeper of Knowledge  167
19 Zeku: A Case of Genetic Engineering  182
20 From Greece to Moonan  190
21 A Future Life Under Glass  203
22 A Contaminated Future Life  215
23 Past Life Therapy in the Twenty-second Century  237
24 What Is It Like to Die?  257
25 Karma: When Does It All End? 264
26 Questions and Answers about Past and Future Lives Hypnotherapy  267



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