Steven Greenhouse's The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker

Finally finished reading Steven Greenhouse’s The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker (click here to view all my posts about this book).

While this book was educational, it was also a bit too depressing for my taste. It was quite smart of Greenhouse to put his chapter about the companies that treat their workers well (chapter nine, Taking the High Road) where he did; if it had been any later I was considering not finishing this book.

And I pretty much always finish a book I start.

I was relieved when I finally got to chapter sixteen, Lifting All Boats, with Greenhouse’s recommendations categorized as follows:

  • fighting wage stagnation
  • cracking down on wage theft
  • safeguarding the safety net
  • curing an unhealthy health care system
  • increasing retirement security
  • putting some movement back into the labor movement
  • grappling with globalization
  • easing the climb upward
  • respect as a remedy

So my final thoughts….this book is good. I’m glad I read it. But if you aren’t used to hearing about terrible working conditions and wages, be prepared to be sad.


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