Gmail Themes – Beach

Still messing around with my gmail themes (especially looking at Planets, Pebbles, Beach, Mountain, and Graffiti)!

In the bottom right corner of Beach, an image of a turtle appears in the middle of the night, a crab before dawn, sea shells just before sunrise, and a snorkeling mask at sunrise, sunscreen before noon (or a sand bucket if it’s cloudy), pink sunglasses around noon, an upside down ice cream cone in the early afternoon, and a beach ball in the late afternoon; and the colors change from purple to beige to rose to sea green to sky blue to sand in those hours.

In Bus stop, a giraffe seems to be around most of the time, but I just saw a kid with a giant ice cream cone with scoops falling onto a businessman!

And in Tree, the scene changes with the weather. Cloudy yesterday, so the scene was dark and stormy clouds. Sunny today, to the scene is bright and beautiful sunshine.

Totally adorable!


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