Gmail Themes – Tea House

Planets, Pebbles, Beach, Mountain, and Graffiti have just showed up in my gmail themes (they weren’t there at first)!

Still love Tea House, but Pebbles and Beach are pretty. I will try them out today.

In Tea House, ghosts (probably his ancestors) come out to play go before dawn and the sun moves with the time of day; the fox practices writing Chinese calligraphy in the middle of the night, plays the flute to ducks around dusk, has tea with a monkey friend in the late afternoon, lights his lanterns in the late evening, practices tai chi with his rabbit friends at sunrise, eats dinner in the evening, sweeps his house around lunch time, fills this bird bath in the late morning (after cutting some flowers from his garden), trims his bonsai tree in the early afternoon, and sleeps (while a turtle sits in his lawn) for a few hours each night.

Love it!


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