Sylvia Earle Lecture

The National Museum of Natural History recently opened its Sant Ocean Hall, an interpretive exhibit that presents the ocean from a cross-disciplinary perspective, highlighting ongoing research in marine science and the biological, geological, and anthropological expertise and scientific collections of the Museum.

And marine biologist Sylvia Earle — author of Sea Change: Visiting The Coral Reef , Hello, Fish!: Visiting The Coral Reef, Dive: Visiting The Coral Reef, and many other books — will be giving a lecture with her co-author of Wild Ocean: America’s Parks Under the Sea, Wolcott Henry, on Saturday (October 18, 2008) at 11AM at the Natural History museum’s Baird Auditorium as part of an ongoing series of events related to The Sant Ocean Hall.

In 1998, Earle was named Time magazine’s first “hero for the planet”and she has been a true pioneer in the field of marine ecosystems.

Not sure if I’ll be able to make it down to DC for this talk, but I’d guess it’ll be quite interesting. And I’d love to see The Sant Ocean Hall!


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