Art Exhibition: The Collector by Shu-Yun Chang (張書芸)

I just heard about an art exhibition inspired by a book — The Collector by John Fowles — and I had to post it:

The Collector
Shu-Yun Chang’s 1st Solo Exhibition in London
29. September – 12. October
Lazy Gramophone Gallery
Upstairs at The Macbeth
70 Hoxton Street, London N1 6LP (MAP)

Inspired by Fowles’ novel, Shu-Yun Chang has produced her new collection of illustrations to explore the unrequited love leading to destructions. In order to collect, the subject views the loved one as an object. Gaze, stalk, collecting, possessiveness and despair in her works show a series of obsessive actions that are generally considered to be dangerous. Due to her strong interest in popular culture, it is easy to find the influence of manga, anime or rock music in her works. For example, the dual-piece of work “You’re A Star in Nobody’s Eyes but Mine”, named after a line of the band The Killerssong, is the start of this journey toward the ideal love of a twisted mind and shows the wishful thinking derived from gaze. As the exhibition title suggests, the audiences are invited to the collection of a collector’s inner thoughts.

Click here to view a PDF of the exhibition flyer.


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