Friends' Recommendations

Three friends each recommended a book this week:

The first book is a memoir about producing organic veggies on a small farm in Pennsylvania Dutch country, after giving up his city life in Brooklyn, NY.  Using an old Toyota pickup, he transported his first auspicious crop of Hill Billies, Tiger Toms and Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifters to the Union Square Greenmarket and soon began to sell his produce to New York’s posh kitchens.

Considering my ongoing interest in gardening, and my enjoyment of books related to organic food, I think I would rather enjoy this book. Though I’m not sure I’ve got time for it. 

Click here to read an excerpt of Heirloom.

One Party Country is by two The Los Angeles Times journalists — Wallsten covers the White House and national politics and Hamburger is an investigative reporter.

The author’s premise is that despite the Bush Administration’s current unpopularity, the Republican domination of American politics is unlikely to end anytime soon due to the powerful Republican machine. Thanks to Karl Rove and others, the Republicans have identified and commodified every potential vote in the nation through large-scale fundraising, targeted single-issue marketing, manipulative gerrymandering, and more.

Definitely relevant to this year’s presidential election and possibly worth reading, but not sure it’ll jump to the top of my list of books to read. 

Click here to read an excerpt.

And the last book is about the history of marriage from Adam and Eve to modern times. In irreverent laugh-out-loud-funny prose, Squire argues that marriage was developed to establish paternity by controlling the sex life of women. It received a favorable review from Slate‘s Dahlia Lithwick in her New York Times book review “I Now Pronounce You Totally Confused” published September 5, 2008.Click here to read an excerpt of I Don’t.

I’m always interested in learning about the history of our traditions so I Don’t is definitely my kind of book. I’ll have to put it on my list to read next year. 

Funny that all of these books were featured on NPR — guess that’s what everyone’s listening to these days.


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