Branding Only Works on Cattle by Jonathan Salem Baskin

I’ve always wanted to learn about branding so when I heard about Jonathan Salem Baskin’s soon-to-be-published Branding Only Works on Cattle: The New Way to Get Known (and drive your competitors crazy) I got pretty excited — click here to learn more about the book and view the table of contents on the author’s website.

The premise seems to be that the world has changed and what you thought you knew about branding is no longer true.

Any branding/marketing experts out there? What do you think?

Can you recommend any other books to learn about branding (this is the only book on branding that I’ve heard of)?


One response to “Branding Only Works on Cattle by Jonathan Salem Baskin

  1. “Brands Are Dead,” according to Jonathan Salem Baskin, who wrote, “Branding Only Works On Cattle.”

    In a November 2008 post, Mr. Baskin says, among other things, “Nobody carries brands around in their heads. Nobody has a relationship with a brand. Or lives a brand lifestyle. Brands aren’t conversations, and they’re not bought, possessed, or coveted. Companies don’t own them. Neither do consumers or shareholders.”

    Here’s a different point of view:

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