The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

I’ve just started reading The Moviegoer by Walker Percy for a book club.

I’ve been so busy this summer I found myself with just a few days to read this book club selection, which won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1962.

The Moviegoer concerns the life of the searching and rootless Binx Bolling, a young stockbroker in post-war New Orleans.

It is said to be a classic piece of Southern Literature, like Carson McCullers’s The Heart is a Lonely Hunter — which I also read for a book club and did not particularly enjoy (click here to read all my posts related to The Heart is a Lonely Hunter).

So I am keeping my expectations for The Moviegoer low.

I’ll write more once I finish and again after my book club’s discussion.

If you are also reading this for a book club, you may be looking for discussion questions:

Discuss why John feels that everyone around him is dead, although they are obviously still living. What makes him feel this way?

How does the title of “The Moviegoer” relates to the theme of the book?

What is the root of Kate’s depression? What terrifies her the most in life?

Explain the significance of Aunt Emily’s home, Elysian Fields?

Got to finish this book quick!


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