Leap of Faith by Queen Noor

I felt mesmerized reading Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life by Queen Noor (click here to read all my posts about this book), which I finished a few days ago.

Queen Noor is really a remarkable woman and role model. She is an international humanitarian activist and an intelligent and outspoken voice on issues of world peace and justice — she has worked with the World Wildlife Fund International, Seeds of Peace, United World Colleges, Landmine Survivors Network among many others.

The beautiful love story of King Hussein and Queen Noor nearly brought me to tears.

As someone who feels rather uneducated when it comes to issues of the Middle East, I was grateful to learn the differences between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims (Shi’a are a minority and believe that only direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad may have spiritual or political rule over the community), what the term Hashimite means (direct descendants of Muhammad), and about the tragic and complex history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I urge you to read this thoughtful intelligent memoir.


2 responses to “Leap of Faith by Queen Noor

  1. I’ll add my recommendation to yours. This is an excellent book. While reading it, I learned so much about the Middle East without having to “study” or sit in a lecture hall.

  2. Would you recommend any other books to learn more about the Middle East?

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