Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life by Queen Noor

I have been reading the extraordinary memoir of Queen Noor of Jordan, Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life.

This book is incredibly touching, from the breathless romance of their courtship to the painful stories of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

I’m a sucker for letters and I was particularly moved by the 10th anniversary letter King Hussein of Jordan wrote to Queen Noor, pubilshed in Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life by Queen Noor (which I’m reading for a book club).

Here’s the letter:

This is a very special time, this is a very special month and a very special year. We are ten years older and ten years old. We will never be ten again, but with God’s blessings we shall continue to grow and mature together all the more for many other years to come. Silver, gold, who can predict?

I thank God for our life of love and the children we are blessed to have. I thank you for so much. I know it is not all that I would have wished for you or anything close to that. I know myself, I know my shortcomings, and I also know I am blessed to have you by my side, loving, caring, brave, and pure. All the finest things in life grow more valuable as they grow and mature. I hope the times to come will be better than those that have passed, and I treasure all the happiest of memories of our travel through time. For despite the fact that everything changes from time to time and one drives down to start a hill climb, the balance I feel is in the realm of goodness as together we climb through the years.

This is a special time, a special month and year. I am every proud of you as you stand by my side. I pray for God to bless you through the years and give us strength and courage, happiness, contentment, and the comfort of sharing and giving of our best. God bless our family. And many thanks to you for being you. The One God blessed me by bringing us together ten years ago to start through life a loving husband and his beloved wife. With you by my side, I celebrate each day. Happy 10th and with God’s blessings, many more to come.

With all my love,



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