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Just read yesterday’s New York Times article “Electronic Device Stirs Unease at Book Fair” by Edward Wyatt about BookExpo America, the publishing and bookselling industry’s annual trade show, which took place at the Los Angeles convention center over the weekend and specifically the excitement and concerns about the Amazon Kindle.

I think publishers are rightfully concerned that Amazon, currently selling most books in Kindle format at at 25% loss, will eventually push publishers to lower their prices.

The article also says that Jeff Bezos believes that after buying a Kindle, Amazon customers purchase just as many physical books and two and a half times as many books overall, or three electronic books for every two physical copies. While publishers dispute that claim, I believe it to be accurate.

I have wanted an Amazon Kindle for months now and have so far restrained myself from buying one. But if I had one, I don’t think I would stop buying paper books. But the lower price and convenience of a Kindle would surely mean that I would spend much more money on books, both in Kindle format and normal paper books. If they had some kind of package deal where you could buy a book in both Kindle format and paperback or hardback at an overall discount, I’m sure I would opt for that choice in many situations.

But as I mentioned last month, I think what will really get me over the edge is if Kindle was compatible with borrowing books from the library.


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