Amazon Kindle – $359

I have wanted an Amazon Kindle for months now.

I still haven’t purchased one, but every now and then I go to the Amazon Kindle product page and debate the splurge.

I looked at it during lunch today and was rewarded with a new price for the Amazon Kindle. Just $359!

I think it’s still too much for me to buy one just yet, but enough of a drop to make me consider it. :)

If you own one, I’d love to hear about how you like it so far!


3 responses to “Amazon Kindle – $359

  1. jameystegmaier

    Like you, I longed for a Kindle for quite some time (and blogged about it to the point of annoyance–see and look for the Amazon Kindle tag). After several months, it was given to me, so I can’t say that I ever made the decision to buy one. With the news that the Kindle 2.0 won’t be out for a while, I say go ahead and get one. The device really is amazing–so far, it’s not only replacing paper books for me, it’s also starting to replace the television as a casual source of entertainment.

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  3. Kindle is a big step forward for tree-saving since it’s more practical than carrying around a stack of books.

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