Mother's Day Books

Since Mother’s Day is Sunday (May 11), here are the Mother’s Day book gifts I recommend:

The second one, Dear Mom Thank You for Everything, I am actually giving as a gift to my mother-in-law who loves Bradley Trevor Greive‘s books.

Greive‘s small format books are wonderful collection of amusing, poignant animal photos and inspirational text designed to be uplifting and cheerful. Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Some of Bradley Trevor Greive‘s other famous photo books that I own are:

And Greive‘s two mom-related books (The Incredible Truth about Motherhood and Dear Mom Thank You for Everything) may even make mom cry tears of joy.

For a new or expecting mother, I would recommend Beth Ann Fennelly‘s classic Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother. Fennelly, an award-winning poet and an assistant professor of English at the University of Mississippi, wrote these personal letters to a pregnant friend about the transforming experience of motherhood. This is also a fantastic baby shower gift!

Kelly Ripa‘s I Love You, Mom! is a collection of 46 personal stories from celebrities — such as Daisy Fuentes, Sally Jesse Raphael, Larry King, Diane Sawyer, Donna Hanover (TV personality), Pat Schroeder (former congresswoman), supermodel Emme, Soledad O’Brien, Christine Todd Whitman, Nia Vardalos, Cindy Adams, and Carole Black(TV Executive) — illustrating why their mom has been the most important person in their lives. Also, the last few pages are left blank so you can write a nice story about your own mom!

I’m not a Kelly Ripa fan, but I admire the idea behind this book. I flipped through it at my local used bookstore yesterday and it looks like a very thoughtful mother’s day book gift, particularly if you hand wrote a heartfelt letter to your own mom in the blank pages at the end of the book.

In case you’re curious, here’s the Table of Contents:

Foreword by Kelly Ripa ix
The Favorite Son by Larry King 1
Legacy of Love by Jane Clayson 5
Heart & Sole by Melissa Rivers 9
The Girl in the Cat Suit by Bill Brochtrup 12
A Mother’s Love by Max von Essen 17
Reality Checks by Finola Hughes 21
Mommy Mary by Catherine Hickland 24
The Greatest Gift by Eva La Rue 27
A Recipe for Happiness by Colin Cowie 31
My Mentor by Maria Cuomo Cole 34
Happy Days by Jacklyn Zeman 38
Letter to My Mom by Kelly Ripa 44
Just Do It by Howie Mandel 47
Better Difficult Than Dull by Harry Smith 51
A Valuable Lesson by Deborah Roberts 56
Live & Learn by Daisy Fuentes 62
A Tree Grows in Memphis by Dana Buchman 67
Steel Magnolias by Nancy Grace 75
Making the Grade by Robin Roberts 79
A Mixed Blessing by Emme 86
The Long Good-bye by Linda Dano 92
A Campaigning Mom by Pat Schroeder 97
Unconditional Love by Christine Todd Whitman 100
Like a Saint by Sally Jessy Raphael 102
Never Another Like My Mother by Cindy Adams 108
Turning Challenges Into Adventures by Donna Hanover 112
Stunning Diversity by Liz Smith 115
Joy Marion Sandstedt Snyderman … My Mom by Nancy L. Snyderman 119
The Most Valuable Player by Michael Strahan 123
A Quiet Strength by Elizabeth Vargas 128
Touching the Ceiling by Carole Black 133
A Taste for Life by Bobby Flay 138
My Warm, Loving Greek Mother by Nia Vardalos 141
Also Known as “Mom” by Jamie-Lynn Siegler 146
An Irish Blessing by John Michael Bolger 150
A Brave New World by Debbie Matenopoulos 155
“But Seriously, Mom” by Courtney Thorne-Smith 159
Rich in Family by Linda Greenlaw 162
Parent Personality by Mattie J. T. Stepanek 164
With Love and Laughter by Karenna Gore Schiff 170
Portrait of an Artist by Lea Thompson 175
Simply Wonderful by Daniel Rodriquez 180
My Mother, My Teacher by Soledad O’Brien 184
The Calm Amid the Storm by Katie McEnroe 189
Mamma Knows Best by Senator Alfonse D’Amato 194
Thanks to My Own Mom 201

Happy Mother’s Day!


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