Books to Read – Updated!

I own a lot of books. Probably somewhere around 400 or more books. And like so many other bibliophiles, I buy books at a much faster rate than I read them.

And since I love being organized, I’m compelled to keep a list of books I have not read. So I have just published such a list (I’ve kept a private list for years).

I’ll keep that static page updated but here’s what’s on it as of today:



As for other lists I keep, you can always click the Currently Reading tab to see what I’m reading right now, the Books I’ve Read tab to read what I have read, or the Favorite Books tab to read what books I adore!

If you feel strongly about any of the books I own but have not read, let me know! I’d love to hear which of those books whether I absolutely must read now or shouldn’t bother with.


4 responses to “Books to Read – Updated!

  1. Glad to see that you are such a beloved book fan. Some of the books you put on the list, we haven’t even heard of, so thank you for that. Also, just for your consideration, we thought that you might like to look at our website and our blog and see if any of these books look interesting to you. Even if you do not read them, but they sound interesting enough to put on a new list or even this one, that would be great. We look forward to seeing more lists and learning about the many books that are out there. Happy Readings!!!

  2. I didn’t know anyone else owned as many books as we do. I see you have lots of the same ones we do as well. I have read many of the numerous non-fiction ones you have listed, but the best one I have read recently- at least to help me in business – was Engaged Leadership, by Clint Swindall. I hope you enjoy reading it, too. Keep up the dying art of book reading!

  3. Thanks, I’ll be sure to move Engaged Leadership further up my mental list of books to read :)

    How many books do you own?

  4. I’m not familiar with all the titles on your fiction list, but from what I do know they look like quality literature and classics for the most part. Given that, I’d say you could skip The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It was an OK story, but not much more. Fairly predictable and nothing remarkable about the writing.

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