A Better Book Light: LightWedge

I had a book light in elementary school. And an electronic pocket dictionary. I remember begging my parents for both items and winning them over with the practical nature of these purchases. I could read even more; I would work harder in school and I’d get smarter.

These days, we all have access to an electronic dictionary online (aka google.com) and several years ago I added a dictionary to my Palm Pilot (okay they’re no longer called Palm Pilots but I got my first one so long ago I don’t know if I’ll ever stop calling them that). Now days, you can just go to google.com on your cell phone so really it’s no big deal to have an “electronic pocket dictionary” anymore.

As for book lights, I no longer own one. Not because I don’t want one but because eventually the bulb in my “itty bitty” book light died and it just seemed like too much effort to find a replacement bulb.

So when I heard about the LightWedge a few years ago I got really excited. As their website states, “LightWedge products use energy-efficient LEDs and patented LightWedge technology that directs all of the light down onto the page and not into the room.” They sell one that’s large enough for hardbacks (the original) and a smaller one for paperbacks and a Harry Potter one (very savvy marketing)! They also sell a mini one for travel purposes and a night vision safe one that uses red LEDs. All are reasonably priced (less than $40) and since they use LEDs (light emitting diodes) you shouldn’t have to buy replacement LEDs very often!

And they also sell cases for both the original and paperback!

I haven’t gotten around to buying one but I will have to remember to ask for one for Christmas this year!


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