The Secret History of the War on Cancer

I know, I know…I’ve already finished reading The Secret History of the War on Cancer by Dr. Devra Lee Davis and I’ve already written about this book twice (yesterday and the day before).

But just for fun I thought I would search the NYTimes website to see what articles came up when searching “cancer” and “Devra Davis” and I came across Philip M Boffrey’s “The parade of chemicals that cause cancer seems endless” published March 20, 1984 which discusses many of the cancer causing chemicals mentioned in Davis‘s War on Cancer.

Davis mentioned that she had first considered writing this book 20 years ago so this article should not have surprised me. And yet it did. Scientists need to do a better job of transmitting their knowledge to the public and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Also on, I thought I’d check out the health section and came across Jane Brody‘s “Potential for Harm in Dietary Supplements” published this week. Seems like we’re all confused about how to stay healthy.


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